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About Back to Roots Farm

BacktoRoots Farm is a small, family-run farm rooted in the tradition of regenerative agriculture, a legacy that began with our great-grandparents in Jamaica. We are committed to bridging the gap between modern consumers and natural, wholesome agriculture. As a sustainable business, we strive to provide nutrient-rich, ethically sourced food to health-conscious individuals, empowering and making them conscientious about their food choices. By choosing BacktoRoots, you support a family farm that values integrity, sustainability, and community, and contributes to a healthier planet.

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Back to Roots Farm Timeline HIstory

Founded 2020 By Kishon Warmington

I bought this 76 acre land with the vision to provide a local sustainable source of good produce for our community.

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First Crop Planted October 2020

We immediately went to work getting the ground ready for production. The very first crop planted on our farm was garlic.

Opened Our Online Store June 2021

We started our online store which enabled us to proved the farm to table delivery system.

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The start of our CSA Program June 2022

CSA (Community Supported Aggriculture) is a weekly subsctription box in which customers reap the rewards of our in season crops from our market garden.

Egg Laying Subscription Program August 2022

We are excited to introduce our newest enterprise. Our pastured raised layers will produce the healthiest and tastiest eggs all year round.

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Back to Roots Farm Farm Team

Meet Our Team

Kishon Warmington
Marcia Warmington