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We founded backtoroots farm, to provide a source of trustworthy, ethical, and sustainable food.

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Sign up for our summer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We do weekly vegetable boxes.

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Sign up for our weekly egg subscription. Once you have tried our farm fresh eggs you will never buy from the store again.

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Discover the Heart of Sustainable Living at Our Online Store — Get the Freshest, Ethically-Sourced Produce and Livestock Products Delivered Directly to Your Door.

Ethically Raised Livestock

At BacktoRoots Farm, our commitment to regeneration extends beyond the soil to the very life that grazes upon it. We embrace holistic livestock management practices to nurture different types of livestock throughout the seasons, all raised without the use of synthetic hormones or antibiotics

Pasture Raised Eggs

Throughout spring to fall, our layers flourish on pasture in mobile tractor coops, living naturally. This holistic method yields the healthiest, tastiest eggs, reflecting our commitment to sustainable, ethical farming.

Farming with Heart For a Healthier tomorrow

At BacktoRoots Farm, we cherish the strength of small-scale, holistic livestock management to sustainably raise livestock, and doing also raise our spirits and community. In today's world, it's all too common to feel a disconnect from the world of the Livestock that we rely on so much. Our commitment is deep and simple: to bridge that gap for you. We're dedicated to delivering not just well raised livestock, but a connection to where they came from. Our livestock is raised with meticulous care, free from poor living conditions, and with the highest respect for our environment and community health. Join us in our journey that only true dedication and passion can bring to you.


Our fresh herbs will add flovour to any dish.


Our pastured raised chickens are packed with nutrients and flavour.

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Latest Update from the Farm

I just wanted to thank everyone that has been apart of our farming journey so far. Last year we worked hard getting the ground ready and cleaned up the farm. This would not of been possible without all of the help and support from the community, family, and friends. We are here for the long haul and hope you will continue to follow us on our journey to a more sustainable environment for our community.

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